For Schools:

Ideas for Class Activities

Year 1 #WOWW

Mr. Lewis: My Mother

Sandra Benham-Pellowe

Edith Morgan: The Bakehouse

Film Poems

Through a series of #WOWW workshops with poets and film makers, a group of women came together to create film poetry based on the remarkable women of West Wales.

These premiered at Llangwm LitFest and received an overwhelming response that led to a second showing at the museum. They can now be viewed by clicking the links below:

Princess Nest Royal Concubine by Christian Donovan

The Migration of Annie Webb by Christian Donovan

The Ballad of Fasting Girl by Philippa Davies

Letter Home (A ‘Found’ Poem) by Emma Baines

Distance Learning by Emma Baines

Threshing Day 1940 by Luise Thomas

Annie Webb by Luise Thomas

What is Hidden by Diana Powell

The Bride by Karin Mear

The Mother of the Duke of Monmouth by Jean Riley

Turning the Stone by Val John

The Cartographer’s Daughter by Jean Riley